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Tanzanite Investment

In these times of economic crisis the world over don’t you wish you had invested in something more profitable rather than shares and funds? What about a priceless gemstone…ever given a thought? Believe it or not, tanzanite is being seen as a very profitable investment which may give huge returns in the near future.

The RingsThe Rings

Rings with this precious stones are becoming more and more popular. Currently tanzanite is also popular engagement ring.

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The GemstoneGemstone

Known as one of the most rare and most unique gemstones in the world.

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Value of this gemstone is increasing every year as this rare stone is being mined.

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Tanzanite Overview

Let us brief you about tanzanite first. One of the rarest gemstones, it is a blue purple colored stone which is most desired and cherished by celebrities the world over. Tanzanite gemstone’s popularity can be seen from the fact that it was included in the birthstone list as the gemstone for December born people. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it is found only in Meralani hills of East African state Tanzania, hence the name.

According to experts, chances of finding tanzanites anywhere else in the world are very dim as the environmental and geographical conditions that led to the formation of tanzanite crystals took many hundred years and can not be replicated anywhere else.  That makes this stone very rare of all the gemstones.


Believed to be thousand times rarer than diamonds, in recent years tanzanite’s demand has outgrown even diamonds. Sales of these stones have shot up so rapidly in recent years as compared to diamonds because of its exclusivity and after all the hype about it becoming extinct in the next ten years has people running for it. As tanzanite is a fragile stone and not as hard as diamond, it can not be re-cut or worked upon. It will not be wrong to say that this is the stone for this generation. 

Source of this popular stone is rapidly depleting because of the increasing demand and likelihood of this stone becoming extinct in another ten years is very high. That would make this stone very priceless in future. AAA Tanzanite is considered to be of the finest quality with regards to color depth, cut and polish. Even today, AAA Tanzanite is limited in supply and will be impossible to find in future making them invaluable with tanzanite price gradually increasing.

Tanzanite Investment

Usually, gemstones were never considered from an investment perspective. They were a thing of beauty which could be appreciated on a tanzanite jewelry piece but this gemstone is an exception here.  As the supply is diminishing, prices of this dazzling gemstone will continue to rise every year. All these factors lead us to believe that tanzanite investment will be a very wise decision. On the other hand tanzanites are widely used in jewelry, rings, earrings as well as pendants are in high demand.

The difficult part is how to invest and gemstone investment can be complex. Tanzanite investment is not free of risks.  As there are no exchange traded funds (ETF) involved here, investing in this stone can also be tricky. A layman without any gemological training can be duped into buying imitation stones. To become a serious gemstone collector you should do proper research and collect as much information as you can independently. It’s advisable to deal with only certified and reputed companies. A good way is to buy these stones in bulk or wholesale rather than buying individual pieces of tanzanite.