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Tanzaniteinvestment.com brings you guide to tanzanite as an investment but also as a beautiful gemstone that is used in tanzanite jewelry.

We were unable to find resource that will cover the topic of tanzanite from both the investment side and they side of buying tanzanite for its beauty either as loose tanzanite stone or as tanzanite jewelry.

Although Tanzaniteinvestment.com recommends investment of your portfolio into tanzanite, the tanzanite investment just like any other form of investment is associated with numerous risk. First risk is that one can buy fake tanzanite stone, therefor it is important to buy stones certified by gemological authority as GIA or IGS. Another risk is that tanzanite will be mined in bigger quantities in the future.

Tanzaniteinvestment.com is not responsible for your investment strategy or your investment and we recommend investment of resources that you do not need in short or longer term.

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There are risk associated with tanzanite as with any other investment.