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Discovered in 1967, tanzanite is a very new gemstone. It’s exclusively found in Tanzania, Africa and no other place in the world. Due to its brilliant blue shade, it has become a favorite of many around the world. In its raw form it is brownish in color. Most of the stoneswhich is sold is heat treated which gives it the brilliant blue purple shade. While going to buy tanzanite, few things should be considered about the quality.

4 C's

The color is the most important is the most unique feature of a tanzanite stone. It exhibits different shades of blue and purple from lavender to burgundy. While buying tanzanite, deep blue violet (or violetish blue) color is the most desired by all and hence they are the most expensive. Depending on the personal preference, pale shades of blue are also in demand but they are not priced as high as the deep blue ones.

Buy Tanzanite

Tanzanite is a very clear stone that is it is free from any external inclusions. It’s also called eye-clean. When making decision to buy tanzanite, clarity of stone should be the most important attribute after the color.

The carat weight of this gemstone is usually the most deciding factor as it also determines the cost. This stone is mostly available in the range of 1-5 carats. Lesser than 1 carat stones are also available but they are usually paler in color.  While buying tanzanite, a high carat stone with a deep blue shade is usually a good purchase especially for investment purposes..

Tanzanite Cutter

Cut of the stone can alter the appearance and color of the tanzanite stone. Good quality cut will bring out the best shade.

Block D Tanzanite

The AAA tanzanite stone is the most superior quality. This stone has a blue violet shade and free from any inclusions.  Block D tanzanite which is marketed these days is a ploy by most companies to pass on their lesser grade tanzanite stones also. Over the years block D gemstone has become synonymous with top quality stone which is not true. Its just that D block has probably given more percentage of good quality stones than other blocks which are A, B and C; but Even D block has its share of lesser grade stones. While buying tanzanite stone one should be careful of these scams

Top grade AAA tanzanite is very rare and limited and thus very expensive. So beware of sites or companies offering very good deals as they may not be selling genuine tanzanite stones.

Online Buying Options

There are a number of options today to buy tanzanite either as loose stones or various pieces of jewelry. These days, millions of websites sell tanzanite online. One has to be very careful as you do not know what quality stone you will get.  These sites proclaim that their sales of this gemstone are in huge numbers every day. The truth is top quality AAA tanzanite is not very easily available and very expensive.

Tanzanite items are sold on, an online auction and shopping website. You can sell and buy rings, pendants or other jewelry on this site. Loose tanzanite gemstones can be bought in bulk from One can get amazing deals and prices on eBay but one needs to be cautious about the quality. Make sure to doublecheck feedback of seller and only buy from sellers that are in business for more than several years and have 100% feedback.

Online Buying Options

One advantage these online sites have over the offline stores or in other words jewelry store is that they have no limitation of space to display their items. They are accessible to a larger population. But tanzanite is a big investment so one needs to be extra careful while buying tanzanite items from these online sites as there have been number of cases of cheating and deceit.

The best way to buy tanzanite is to go through a known route and judge the stone yourself in terms of quality, cut and color. Look for a reputed gemstone dealer for buying tanzanite items. If you want the best and finest of it then go for AAA tanzanite of top color, size and clarity from a company with strong credentials.

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