The Tanzanite Jewelry

A perfectly cut and crafted piece of tanzanite jewelry can be a beautiful sight. This stone has its own unique characteristics. Its color range can vary from deep blue to purple to lavender. However the most cherished and desired color is the deep blue with shades of purple in it. Depending on the angle from where it is viewed, tanzanite has a tendency to display more colors. This phenomenon is also called pleochroism and it very rare in gemstones.


Also called Eye-clean, tanzanite can be flawless and very transparent in appearance.  A perfectly cut stone can produce a brilliant blue violet (or violet blue) color. Pale blue shades are usually seen in smaller sizes. Commonly tanzanite stones are in the range of 1-4 carats. Ten carat gemstones are also found but are rarer With value of this gemstone increasing, tanzanite jewellery is an excellent investment..

Every woman’s desire to possess this valuable stone has the jewelry industry all geared up. Tanzanite jewelry has all the range from pendants to necklaces; rings, bracelets and earrings. Tanzanite stone gels well with diamonds and also white sapphires. Tanzanite and opal jewelry is also excellent combination. Jewelry made from this stone is more of fashion jewelry and not meant for daily wear.


Tanzanite is not a very hard stone thus care has to be taken while handling. Due to its brittle nature, tanzanite jewelry is more delicate than other stone jewelry. Measuring 6-7 Mohs on hardness scale, this gem is still hard enough to be used in jewelry and it’s very well suited for pendants and earrings. It should not be worn while doing any arduous work or that which requires lot of movement especially rings as they can break easily.

Tanzanite Opal Jewelry

Tanzanite jewelry requires care while cleaning. No harsh chemicals should be used for pieces of this gemstone. Even hot water can be damaging for the stone. It can be cleaned using a little soapy water and a very soft brush. This jewelry is more prone to scratches and it can break easily under a direct impact. For the same reason tanzanite rings are not suitable for daily wear.

Jewelry Shape

The stone is available in many shapes. Most common is the oval and cushion shape. Round, pear, heart, emerald cut and trillion are few other shapes that this gemstone can be cut into. Loose stone when set in a beautiful neckpiece or earring, it comes to life.  For stones weighing below 20 carats are generally used. Simple drop earrings and pendants can look extremely enchanting. Big stones can be mounted on rings to show off its brilliants shade.

Tanzanite Trillion

Fake Tanzanite

These days’ markets are flooded with a number of imitations and fakes of tanzanite stones. Some synthetic forsterite which looks very similar in appearance is used in jewelry. These pieces are cheaper than a genuine tanzanite and also harder than the real tanzanite. The increased hardness makes the synthetic forsterites a good substitute for tanzanite to be used for daily wear jewelry. However there is no substitution for genuine gemstone so always pay attention to identification and certification when purchasing tanzanite jewelry.

Fake Tanzanite

After Tiffany’s launched tanzanite in 1968, it became very popular due to its brilliant color. Tanzanite jewelry is classy and very elegant. Depending on ones personal choice, you can choose a light blue or reddish purple or a deep blue jewelry piece and make a style statement.

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Popular Tanzanite Jewelry Combinations

Tanzanite & White Gold - is more popular than tanzanite & yellow gold and is widely used in rings, earrings or pendants, make sure to purchase at least 14K gold and with AAA stones, 18K while gold or platinum are recommended

Tanzanite & Diamonds - beautiful combination found in rings, pendants and earrings, this combination also makes beautiful engagement and anniversary rings, usually bigger stone (1+ carats) is combined with multiple small diamonds, usually white diamonds are used but there are some really nice combination of yellow diamonds and tanzanite

Tanzanite & Opal - combination with mostly white or green fire opal in rings, earrings and pendants is currently very popular, however it is quite hard to find AAA gemstones with high quality opals as most of the market is taken by cheaper sterling silver and lower quality (or even fake) tanzanite opal jewelry