Loose Tanzanite

Due to its exclusivity, the value of this stone has been going up.  According to predictions, in future this stone will become priceless. People are seeing it as a good investment and buy loose tanzanite stones to build their portfolio.

Importance of Quality

Tanzanite is relatively low-priced as compared to gem stones like rubies, emeralds and sapphires. It seems like it is the right time to invest in loose tanzanites of good quality. The best quality stone, that is, the AAA tanzanite is already very hard to find as its supply is diminishing.

Low grade, small size tanzanite can be very inexpensive, $100- $ 200 per carat. A deep blue colored, big 3-5 carat stones can be bought for $ 800 per carat. You can buy loose gemstone which is available in several shapes like round, cushion, oval, emerald, square, pear and heart shaped either to add to your collection or make it a part of your jewelry collection.

Loose Tanzanite

If you do not have enough money to buy big stones then you can go for small 2-5 carat stones but of the finest quality as they are considered to be a good investment. While dealing with gemstones it is best to go for best quality stones rather than going for bigger stones of low grade.

The four C’s - Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat of the stone should be kept in mind while selecting loose tanzanite stones. Color is mostly the most important of factors. Deep, intense blue color is represents the highest quality. Most perfect and proportional cut will bring out the brilliance of blue purple shade in the stone. Tanzanite is a very clear transparent stone almost flawless and without any inclusions. So along with color and cut choose the stone which has very few inclusions. As carat weight is directly linked to the price of the stone, this factor can vary as per everyone’s budget. Though 10+ carat stones are very rare and usually deeper in color, they can be expensive too.

Heat Treatment

Also remember that in raw form these stones are brownish in color. It’s only after heat treatment, that they get this incredible shade that they are known for. There is no need for concern as this heat treatment is not damaging for the stone and almost all of the top color stones are heat treated.

Heat Treatment

Many online sites offer attractive prices for AAA loose tanzanite gemstones, but in reality they can be dealing in low grade stones. The AAA quality big size stones are invaluable these days; thus they can never be offered at such low prices. You should be careful if you are planning to purchase loose tanzanite stones from any online websites. These online sites only offer you the convenience and easy accessibility but you can never be sure of what you will get after paying for them.

Ebay.com offers loose stones also in bulk. It is always good to buy stones in wholesale if satisfied with the quality rather than buying individual pieces.

Buy stones which have been certified by a laboratory. Always buy tanzanite stones from some reputed jeweler and never go shopping for them without doing your homework as you can be taken for a ride.

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Loose Tanzanite Buying tips

Ebay.com - is the biggest marketplace of loose gemstones, make sure to only buy from sellers with 100% feedback that are registered as Ebay sellers for more than 1-2 years

Quality - rather buy smaller stone with best quality (color, clarity, cut, carat) that bigger stones with lower quality

Heat treatment - almost all top quality loose tanzanite stones are heat treated so heat treatment shouldn't be concern when making first investment