Tanzanite Pendants

This unique and exclusive gemstone is a must have in everyone’s jewelry box either in form of rings, earrings or pendants. It is said to be the gemstone for twenty fourth wedding anniversary. Introduces by Tiffany’s in 1960’s, it is known for its shade. The shade is an awesome blue shade with hints of purple (or purple with hints of blue). The deeper the blue shade the more expensive it is but the higher value will it present and the top deep color is also best for investment.

Tanzanite Pendant

A pendant is an important jewelry piece. Rightly paired with your clothes can add to the overall beauty. You can wear tanzanite jewelry for any occasion be it a formal affair, an evening party or an informal setting. Its unique shade can go with any kind of look. Tanzanite pendants with beautiful shapes and cuts are exceptionally stunning.



The most used are oval and pear shapes. Recently more and more popular are becoming fancy shapes as well as tanzanite heart pendants and cross pendants. These shapes are very rare thought and are usually made to order. However sometimes you may be able to buy tanzanite in one of these fancy shapes on Ebay. Single stone pendants with trillion, square or emerald cut look stunning and are very popular but also rare.

Tanzanite Heart and Cross

While selecting the right tanzanite pendant you must keep in mind all the 4 C’s of tanzanite (see value). The color, cut, clarity and carat of the stone is very important. Deep blue colored and big stones are the costliest; pale colored stones are not that expensive. A tanzanite pendant with good cut, deep blue purple color, eye clean clarity, is a breath taking sight and excellent investment.


Pendants Combination

Tanzanite pendants with white gold or silver chain look very refined and delicate. You can get beautiful single stone pendants of AAA quality in yellow or white gold, with the stone ranging from small to heavier ones. If you cannot find pendants with stone shape you like an option is to buy loose gem of desired shape and then have the pendant made to order.

Tanzanite White Gold Pendant

Diamonds and tanzanite drop pendants are truly breath taking. Perhaps you will like stick pendants with stones and diamonds arranged in a linear pattern for a formal and classic look. Opal and tanzanite pendant with a floral setting also make a striking piece.

Tanzanite Diamond Pendant

Keep your tanzanite pendants away from high temperature as it can crack easily. Clean it with warm, not hot, soapy water. Avoid using any kind of chemicals for cleaning. Always keep your rings, pendants, earrings and other items separately.

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Popular Tanzanite Pendants

Tanzanite White Gold Pendants - majority of pendants made from this popular gemstone are made with white gold as white gold is an excellent background for tanzanite and with white gold as well as diamonds (below) the striking beauty of this stone is even more shining

Tanzanite Diamond Pendants - many little diamonds are used in combination with central stone in pendants, make sure to choose best quality main stone and diamonds for investment and best look as well

Tanzanite Opal Pendants - usually white or green fire opals are used, with opal being fragile stone these pendants are more fragile but with the right combination can be masterpiece

Tanzanite Heart Pendants - heart shape tanzanite is very rare and is even rarer used in pendants, when cut by experienced cutter heart shape cut can greatly increase brilliance of this stone

Tanzanite Cross Pendants - usually build with multiple stones and diamonds, these pendants are extremely rare and usually made to order just as are the heart shaped tanzanite pendants above