Tanzanite Rings

This beautiful stone can hypnotize anyone by the sheer magnificence of its color. The beautiful blue purple shade has fascinated jewelers and buyers alike since its discovery.

Tanzanite is also said to have some healing properties. It is believed to be good for immune system. Direct contact of skin with stone for a long period of time can bring calmness and chase away lethargy. For people wanting to wear it for health or fashion reasons; tanzanite rings can be a good choice as the stone can be in contact with the skin depending on the setting.

Tanzanite Rings

Jewelry made from this stone is stylish and very classy. The designs are very contemporary and elegant. Tanzanite stone comes in beautiful shapes like round, oval, square, trillion, heart shaped, emerald cut and pear. For those who love the beautiful color and shape of the stone and do not want to loose its essence can go for solitaire rings. The popularity of tanzanite engagement rings is also increasing

While selecting the main stone for your tanzanite ring, make sure that it is eye clean (at least VS), that means free of all inclusions.  Based on your personal preference your stone could be light blue in color or deep blue with purplish hue. The deeper the blue, more pricey the stone will be but also more beautiful. And the top deep blue color is better investment.

Tanzanite White Gold Rings

For a ring; the stone goes well with either white gold or yellow gold. Mostly white gold is ideal as it looks more stylish. Set against the white background, the stone’s brilliant blue or violet shade can leave anyone mesmerized. Mostly 14 carat gold is used for tanzanite white gold rings as it is harder and sturdier. White gold rings can also be set in 18 carat gold but they will be more fragile than a 14 carat one. For investment purposes the best combination is with platinum.

Tanzanite White Gold Ring

Rings with Diamond and /or Opal

Tanzanite with diamonds too makes a stunning combination and such a tanzanite diamond rings are also used as engagement or anniversary rings. The design should be carefully chosen or else the diamond can overshadow the tanzanite stone. As this is a fragile stone, a thin border of diamond can accentuate the stone and also protect it from any kind of blow. For a good quality tanzanite gemstone, select good diamonds to go with it otherwise the ring will look unattractive. Opal and tanzanite rings are also very popular. One can find exquisite pieces of AAA tanzanite and diamond rings with opal inlay.

Tanzanite Opal Ring

From solitaires to elaborate designs to bold rings; tanzanite rings are available for everyone. Very small stones can be worn by children too.


Tanzanite rings require more care than any other jewelry piece made from this stone as it’s more prone to breaks. While exercising and doing strenuous chores, it is always advisable to avoid wearing such a ring.

Tanzanite Diamond Ring

 No harsh chemicals should be used while cleaning your ring. Normally dabbing the tanzanite ring with a wet cloth is fine for cleaning or a little wash with soapy water is also sufficient.  This gemstone should be kept away from heat and high temperatures as this can alter the quality of the stone. It is advisable to store your tanzanite rings and other jewelry in separately from each other else they can entangle and scratch the other stones.

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Popular Tanzanite Rings

Tanzanite White Gold Rings - are the most popular ones also with diamond (below) and are widely used even as engagement rings, tanzanite is rarer than diamond so there is no better way to show bride how unique is she

Tanzanite Diamond Rings - mostly used in white gold combination (above), diamonds can protect main stone and even add to its brilliance, make sure to choose top quality diamonds

Tanzanite Opal Rings - these rings are getting more and more popular, and are mostly used with green or white fire opal, 14K+ gold is preference however currently are on the market cheap sterling silver rings with lower quality diamonds and tanzanite, if seller doesn't specify the color/clarity grade of this stone then it is probably only cheap sterling silver version of tanzanite rings.