Tanzanite Value

The most coveted and desired stone of this generation; tanzanite is also one of the rarest of all stones today. With its rapidly depleting resource the day is not far when it will not available to us. Its ever growing demand is pushing tanzanite value to a new high each year.

TanzaniteOne Mining Company

The tanzanite value also depends on supply of the stone. TanzaniteOne Mining Limited is the sole suppplier of tanzanite and was on August 1st 2011 purchased by Richland Resources Limited. So the decisions of the mining company are another factor that affect tanzanite value.

Tanzanite Value

As with all stones the 4 C’s that govern the tanzanite prices are- color, clarity, cut and carat weight


The color is its most distinguishing feature of tanzanite price.  The deep blue purple shade of this stone has made it a part of the birthstone list as the stone for those who are December born. This remarkable stone exhibits pleochroism; that is revealing many shades in different lights thus putting myriad shades on display ranging from blue to purple to lavender and burgundy.

The deeper the blue color of the tanzanite the costlier it will be. Generally smaller size stones are pale as compared to bigger stones. Big gemstones have more pronounced deep blue shade. Tanzanite color and hue can make it a valuable investment if it is blue and purple in shade. Greenish blue, grey and light blue are least desired colors with lower tanzanite price but it can be a personal choice also.


Tanzanite is a very clear gem; almost transparent. According to GIA (Gemological Institute of America) system, the official grading system of all the gems, it’s clarity is at the top. It’s graded as VVS, VS, SI1 and SI2. The clarity of this stone is usually in the topmost grade that is very very slightly included. The flawless the stone the higher will be tanzanite value. Typically inclusions are very fine feathers, clouds and marks. Stones falling in the VVS grade category are almost flawless as these inclusions can not be seen through a naked eye. As the stone is graded lower the tanzanite price drops.


Another important factor in pricing of tanzanite and jewelry made from it is the cut. Though not as important as the color and clarity; cut of the stone can change the look of the stone. A perfectly cut tanzanite is a remarkable piece of beauty. Skill of the gem cutter plays an important part to enhance the beauty of this stone. If the stone is cut too deep or if it is too shallow, the depth and brilliance of the color will be affected what will also lower tanzanite price. Cut stones are available in many shapes the most common being round and oval. Other shapes like trillion and emerald cut is also popular.


Weight affects the price of the stone and as the weight increases so does the price. Carat range of this stone is usually in the range of 1 to 10 carats. Lesser than 1 carat stones can be priced very low at 300$ and as the weight goes up the tanzanite prices per carat can be 500$ - 800 $ for a 5 carat stone.

AAA tanzanite is the most superior quality of tanzanite. Contrary to the popular belief that AAA gemstone comes only from D block mine; the reality is that over the years D block has produced more good quality stones than any other. But it would be wrong to assume that all AAA tanzanite is from D block area. These gemstones have the highest price though.

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Tanzanite Carat Price

Currently price per carat of top color tanzanite can be as high as $1,000 per carat (clarity VVS and excellent cut).


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Tanzanite Value Calculation

Color - is probably the most important factor that determines tanzanite price, the top color according to GIA is bV 6/5 and vB 6/5 (violietish blue / blue violetish with strong/vivid saturation)

Clarity - the less inclusions the higher the price, bigger flawless tanzanite stones are known so for investment are best flawless, VVS or VS stones.

Cut - bad cut can ruin brilliance of the gem so cut quality is very important as well as shape of the cut, cut that better shows brilliance of the gem will increase tanzanite value

Carat Weight - the bigger weight the higher the tanzanite price, no doubt about it